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26.08.2015: Let's get encrypted:
As of today the site is available via a secured https protocol for those who need a little extra privacy.

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Get your dungeon map based on your log (How to upload a log?)

ATTENTION MOBILE CLIENTS USERS: If your log is displayed upside down (latest records first) please get a full version!

Adventure Chronicle:

Use a cached log: If you are unable to save you own log, you can try to use a log previously uploaded to a server Please paste a link to the log below. If someone (not necessarily you) has previously uploaded this log - it will be used to plot your map.
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ATTENTION: please check above, only if you need to search the maps!, If your map was not found in database after reasonable number of tries (and after at least 25 steps) it is probably not there.
There are some maps in a game that are randomly generated, and won't be found. If you are on one of those maps, and just want a picture to watch your advanture, please don't check above. Too many search requests to the script overload the server and the page may become unavailable. Thank you.
How to display the map:
Graphical format
High contrast mode (for vision impared)
Pseudographics (text)

Bonus room: If your map has a bonus room marked, which you have not visited yet, you can manually enter the coordinates to mark the room on your map for reference. The coordinates are with respect to the Enrance (entrance is at offset 0, 0. Negative direction on X and Y axis indicate west (left) and North (up) respectively:
X=    Y=

DIRECTIONLESS MOVE: If a move was made without indicating a direction (example: The heroes closed their eyes and went somewhere you need to enter the proper directions below (hopefully you noticed where they went). Enter one letter per such move. For example if they moved East then north - enter "en". No punctuation.


To get a map open your last chronicle (if trip is complete) or translation of the advanture (through a link at the bottom of the page) and save it on your computer. Then upload that file into the script. DO NOT UPLOAD YOUR DIARY PAGE, IT WON'T WORK!. When saving the page, choose "HTML only" option if it is available. Do not save "Full Page".

This script is provided for your use "as is" with no guarantees or support whatsoever. There is no guarantee that maps are exact or even remotely close to reality, that it will be up and running when you need it or any other explicit or implied guarantees. If something is changed in the game the srcipt may stop working entirely one day, and there is no guarantee that it will come up or start working again.

By uploading your files on this page you grant the author full rights to save your logs, share them with others and otherwise use it in any way shape or form as he sees fit. That includes using and/or publishing your god name or hero name with or without connection to the specific logs or maps in any media now existing or further invented.

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